Erectile Dysfunction Solutions That Don’t Include Viagra

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Overcome erectile dysfunction without Viagra!

Besides Viagra, there are a variety of other effective erectile dysfunction solutions, including many natural remedies.

However, before you rush out and try a concoction of herbs and potions, it’s important to check in with your doctor. Sometimes erectile dysfunction is a sign that something else is wrong, and it’s important to make sure you don’t have an underlying and more serious health condition.

According to WebMD, erectile dysfunction has many causes which include:

  1. Side effects from medications
  2. Weight problems. Obesity can reduce the quantity of testosterone in men.
  3. Diabetes
  4. High blood pressure
  5. Hardening of the arteries
  6. Multiple Sclerosis
  7. Side effects from surgery
  8. Other health conditions affecting muscles, nerves, or circulation.

In addition to these purely physical causes, there are also mental factors that contribute to ED:

  1. Depression
  2. Stress
  3. Anger
  4. Anxiety

Lifestyle Changes

To address many of the causes of ED, some erectile dysfunction solutions involve lifestyle changes. There are many lifestyle factors that can cause ED, or make it worse, and unless you eliminate these factors from your life, it will be hard to achieve lasting improvement, even with the best remedies.

The Mayo Clinic identifies many different lifestyle changes you should consider if you suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Here are the key points:

  1. Quit smoking.
  2. Lose excess weight.
  3. Exercise or include physical activity in your life.
  4. If you are taking recreational drugs, stop.
  5. Handle any relationship problems.


Viagra was an overnight success for Pfizer for one simple reason: it works! But it also comes with potential side effects. Viagra can affect your vision, cause headaches and nausea, lead to dizziness, and result in nasal congestion. It’s also very dangerous for men with low blood pressure or diabetes.

Cialis and Levitra are 2 alternatives to Viagra. They both work much the same way and tend to have similar side effects.

You may be tempted to try and purchase these drugs without a prescription (either online or offline), but doing so is at your own risk. Sometimes people illegally sell different drugs under the name of Viagra; these drugs can be very dangerous. Also, your doctor should check if it’s safe for you to take any of these medications before you use them.

Natural Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

If you want to avoid the potential side effects of erectile dysfunction drugs, then natural remedies offer an excellent alternative. The right dietary changes, like those outlined in the ED Protocol by Jason Long, are one of the easiest natural solutions to implement and are increasingly popular among men. Read a full synopsis of Long’s program in this ED Protocol review by the team at

In an article on the Healthline website, Colleen M. Story lists several other effective natural remedies for ED:

1: Panax Ginseng and Rhodiola Rosea

Both of these herbs have a good track record, including several persuasive studies to back them up. They work well together for most men and are good for your general health, too.


DHEA is a natural substance the body converts to either estrogen or testosterone. It is made in the adrenal glands, but you can also find it in wild yam. A 1998 study provided some evidence that DHEA from wild yams can reduce the occurrence of erectile dysfunction.

Herbal Viagra: A Warning

Sometimes pills labeled as “herbal viagra” actually contain strong stimulants or other drugs. You should always check what you are buying, and only buy from a reputable source.

By making a few small lifestyle changes and taking supplements that support your general health and your endocrine system, it is possible to handle ED with natural erectile dysfunction solutions.

But remember: always start with a proper checkup from your doctor to ensure your erectile dysfunction isn’t masking a more serious health condition.

How To Get A Guy To Be Exclusive With You

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How do you get him to see you as his one and only?

Maybe you’ve dated your man for some time now. Maybe you’ve both decided that you’re comfortable with one another, you enjoy each other’s company, and you’ve achieved a level of honesty that you only previously had with your best friend.

All signs point to a serious relationship, right? But for some reason, he refuses to commit.

He doesn’t want to stop seeing you, of course, but he refuses to make any kind of concrete commitment to the relationship. He doesn’t like words like “exclusive” or “girlfriend”. He’s just generally uncomfortable with the idea of being tied down, despite the fact that he’s obviously happy with you, and you two make a seriously great couple.

You may be asking yourself what the problem is and how to get a guy to be exclusive with you.

Well, it obviously depends on the guy and the specifics of your particular situation. But generally speaking, there are a few steps you can take which can help push him past his fears and reservations and get him to realize the amazing woman he has right in front of him.

So let’s talk about how you can get a guy to be exclusive with you.

1. Talk To Him

Look, if this is the guy for you, then he shouldn’t be afraid of a simple, honest conversation. If he is, you may want to rethink the idea of allowing him into your life in such a meaningful fashion.

There is in fact a way to have this talk without making him feel like he’s being fitted for a wedding tux…

Start with the good things. Tell him why you want to have a deeper, more exclusive relationship with him. Tell him how much you care about him and why. Explain that you’d like to take things a little further.

Keep the conversation fairly light and informal. You don’t want it to feel like some sort of relationship intervention.

Don’t send him a text or start the conversation by saying, “We need to talk.” That phrase is one of the worst things you can say to a man. It immediately makes him think he’s done something wrong, he’s in trouble, and he’s going to pay for it as soon as you get the chance to lay into him. It will make him shut down and become defensive before the conversation even starts.

If you want to know what to say to a man that actually makes him want you more instead of pushing him away or causing him to shut down, I strongly recommend the following two programs: Lovetraction Lines by Simone Myers and/or Obsession Phrases by Kelsey Diamond. You can find good online reviews of these programs here and here, respectively.

When you talk to him, just express your feelings, and make sure you do so in a lighthearted fashion. Sound him out and see how he feels.

2. Be Stable

This requires some honest, self-assessment. If you want a guy to invest a large portion of his life in you and be exclusive, he needs to feel like he’s building a house on solid ground.

If you’re in it one minute, and then out of it in the next, he might have some serious and valid reservations about going down a long-term road with you. So make sure he knows you’re there for him. There’s no better way to make sure he’ll be there for you too.

3. Allow Him To Be Who He Is

The one thing you can do to ensure he’ll run away screaming for the hills is to smother him. If you want to get a guy to be exclusive with you, don’t – and I can’t emphasize this enough – don’t come across as too needy or emotionally codependent.

Let him live his life, and make clear to him that you’ll be living yours, too. Just because you want to take things to the next level doesn’t mean either one of you should give up being individuals.

Hang on to the independence that has made you who you are, and let him enjoy his independence in turn. If you become each other’s sole reason for existence, it’s a volatile recipe for all sorts of problems down the road.

Girlfriend Activation System Review – Real Good Stuff Or Just A Hoax?

How bad do you want her to be your girlfriend?

If the name itself isn’t a dead giveaway, the Girlfriend Activation System is about…(drum roll please)…how to get a girlfriend. I know, mind blown!

Now, if you’re thinking what kind of guy needs help with that? Isn’t it as simple as asking a girl to be your girlfriend? Right?


Getting a girlfriend, especially a super high-caliber one, that makes your penis want to pack up and move out of your pants and into her place, is much more complex than that. Guys struggle in this area because getting a long-term girlfriend takes skill at all phases of the dating game.

First you have to find her. Then you have to make an approach without stumbling all over yourself. Next, you have to interact with her and create attraction and sexual tension so she actually wants to give you her number and go on a date with you.

After that, it’s first date time and we all know how horrible those go sometimes.  Then, at some point you have the social date where you meet all her friends and maybe even some of her family. Don’t even get me started on that one.

If you don’t screw either of those up, eventually the sex date will roll around.  And a few weeks down the road, the “talk” where you figure out exactly what “this” really is. And that whole time, you have to prove yourself so she actually sees you as the type of man she wants to keep around and commit to.

You have to become the “obvious choice”, so you don’t lose her to some jack-ass with more money and bigger muscles than you. Talk about pressure.

At every phase, there’s the chance of rejection, rejection, rejection…a guy’s worst nightmare. Heaven forbid you REALLY like her because that only makes the thought of rejection about a thousand times worse.

Don’t get me wrong; there’s always the possibility of being rejected by a woman. That’s just life, and you have to blow it off if you ever want to truly master the art of getting girls. However, when you know exactly what to do and what to say at every phase of the dating game, you can greatly reduce the chance of rejection and improve your odds of getting the girl you actually want.

And that’s where the Girlfriend Activation System truly shines!

Click here to head over to the official website or continue reading my Girlfriend Activation System review below.

Girlfriend Activation System Summary

Throughout the 23-part video course, GFAS V2 author, Christian H., teaches you exactly what you need to do and how you need to do it to turn that seemingly disinterested hottie into your loyal and committed girlfriend.

Best of all, you don’t need good looks. You don’t need pockets full of cash. You don’t need a sledgehammer in your pants. Heck, you don’t even need a full head of hair.

It all starts with being an “obsession worthy” man and videos 1-4 of the Girlfriend System are dedicated to this topic.

You’ll learn about a woman’s “obsession story” and the 6 traits you must have to get the girl you want. You’ll learn how to put these 6 traits on display naturally and effortlessly during your interactions with women so she feels the sexual and emotional chemistry right from the get go.

In video 4, you’ll hear from Alex, a female volunteer from the audience, about how Christian’s techniques made her feel and why demonstrating obsession-worthy masculine power to a woman works to create instant attraction and emotional connection.

In videos 5-8 of the Girlfriend Activation System, Christian brings in a series of other top-notch dating coaches to expand further on what it means to be an obsession-worthy man.

  • In video 5, Nick Sparks tackles sexuality and explains why this one trait separates guys who end up in the friend zone from those who get the girl.
  • In video 6, Jason Capital reveals his favorite techniques for creating attraction by being a challenge to women.
  • In video 7, Alex Allman explains how to let your guard down and open yourself up to being vulnerable without letting go of your power. It’s all about being genuine.
  • In video 8, David Wygant discusses dominance and how you can develop the uncanny ability to be the guy every woman wants when you master this one trait.

In GFAS videos 9-11, Christian brings everything together by explaining a woman’s obsession story. He also explains why it’s not enough to just be an obsession-worthy man if you want to actually keep a girl and be in a long-term relationship with her. You also have to be a great boyfriend and you have to understand the 7 things women want and need in a relationship.

And that’s just the first half of videos in the Girlfriend Activation System! There’s still videos 12-23 which get more into the step-by-step process of meeting a woman and turning her into your girlfriend over a period of a few weeks.

To save time, I’ve posted some screenshots from my account down below so you can see what these videos cover.  If you want to know more about what’s found inside each video, the Girlfriend Activation System reviews over at and give excellent descriptions.  Those two GFAS reviews provide a lot more detail than I can cover today in this post, but I’ve tried to hit on the highlights of the course down below.

Girlfriend Activation System Parts 1-4
Girlfriend Activation System Parts 1-4
Girlfriend Activation System Parts 5-8
Girlfriend Activation System Parts 5-8
Girlfriend Activation System Parts 9-12
Girlfriend Activation System Parts 9-12
gfas review - 1316
Girlfriend Activation System Parts 13-16
Girlfriend Activation System Parts 17-20
Girlfriend Activation System Parts 17-20
Girlfriend Activation System Parts 21-23
Girlfriend Activation System Parts 21-23

On top of all that, Christian also includes the first version of the Girlfriend Activation System (V1) inside the member’s area. This is a 6-part video course.

The GFAS Forum

There’s also access to the private, members only community forum which, in my opinion, is the most underrated aspect of this program. Most of the Girlfriend Activation System reviews I read before purchasing the program for myself didn’t even mention the forum or kind of threw it in as an afterthought.

But it’s pure gold! Seriously.

Browse around the GFAS forum. It’s a goldmine of tips, techniques, and advice for just about any situation you could ever find yourself in with a woman. Have a dating problem? Ask away and get answers from many of the top dating coaches and hundreds of other guys how have mastered the art of picking up women.

Girlfriend System Bonuses

Did someone say bonuses? I think Christian went a little over the top on this one. He’s nuts giving all this stuff away.

I’m pretty used to programs throwing in a bunch of garbage bonuses to try and make a bad program look good, but this stuff is actually really good.

He should be selling GFAS for at least several hundred dollars given all the content that’s included. Every time I log into the Girlfriend Activation System member’s area, it seems like there’s another bonus. Checking right now, I see 17 different bonus programs.

These include:

The Confidence Package
• The Social Matrix
• Assertive Approaching
• Complete Confidence Hypnosis
• When You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough
• The Ten Spot

The Seduction Package
• Endless Conversations
• The Art Of Seduction
• The Coffee Shop Drill
• The Bombing Opener
• Holiday Hookups
• Friends Into Lovers
• Sexual Texting
• Frame Control Bible
• The Model Challenge Screen (one of my favorites)
• The Breathtaking Hello

The Relationship Package
• Lustworthy Sex
• 7 Commandments Of Dating 9’s and 10’s

Final Thoughts

Ok, this Girlfriend Activation System review is starting to get a bit out of control, so I’m going to wrap it up. There’s just so much good content included with GFAS that I could talk about it for days on end.

Is it perfect? No program is, but it’s damn good!  Women respond to this stuff in a big way.

Other programs out there try and teach guys how to get girlfriends, but I haven’t found anything yet that tops Christian’s Girlfriend System…and it just seems to get better and better every time a new version is released.

If you have any inkling at all that you can be better with women than you are right now, it’s a real game changer. You don’t need a million different courses if you get this one.

GFAS even comes with a 365-day money back guarantee. That’s like getting to test drive a car for a full year before deciding if you want to keep it. Who does that? Crazy Christian.

Will She Sleep With You Tonight?

Oh, and one last thing. Christian has a really killer way to tell if a girl will sleep with you on the first date. Works like a charm.

Watch this Girlfriend Activation System video to find out how to decipher her signals.

How To Approach Women: A 5-Step Method To Stop Women From Rejecting You

Learn to read a woman's body language, and your chance of being rejected will be greatly reduced.
Learn to read a woman’s body language, and the chance of getting rejected will be greatly reduced.

If all men were 100% honest, every single one of them would confess to being rejected countless times by many women. Considering the fact that it is impossible to be liked by every single woman you approach, it’s not the end of the world if you face some rejection in the dating scene (although it often feels that way).

However, it is important to note there are some things you can do to minimize your rejection rate.  If you are constantly rejected by women, you can turn your fate around and stop this unpleasant experience.  The trick lies in knowing why many women reject advances and try to avoid making such mistakes.

You probably found yourself here because you are tired of constantly being rejected by women and you want to do something about it.  If that’s the case, look no further.

One of the most important secrets to avoiding being rejected by women lies in being able to read women’s signals.  If you pick up anything useful in this article, let it be about knowing how to interpret women’s body language accurately.

This secret is important because it helps you identify women who would be potentially interested in you.  There are clear signs you can look out for to ascertain if she is approachable or truly interested in you.

Below are 5 proven steps to greatly reduce your chances of being rejected by women.

1. Identify your target

This is the first and most important step to consider when you want to stop being rejected by almost every woman you meet.  As obvious as it sounds, you need to find a woman who interests you i.e. a woman you wouldn’t mind knowing or dating.

There is no point of approaching a woman you don’t like (unless you just want to practice) because in the end, it doesn’t really matter whether a woman rejects you or not.  Don’t be scared to approach women you are actually attracted to.

2. Position yourself strategically

After identifying her, position yourself in a comfortable location.  It is important to avoid positioning yourself in a location that makes you look creepy.  For example, in her lap or across the street where you have to peer at her through binoculars would both be bad choices and rank high up there on the “creep scale”!

Ideally, you should position yourself facing her preferably from a comfortable distance (not to far or too close).  You should also face her so that she sees you.  This step is important because it will put you in a position to read and interpret her body language accurately.

3. Make eye contact

After identifying your target and positioning yourself strategically, you can now make eye contact.  It is important to make it as natural as possible.

You should also be aware that she may look away.  In fact, she probably will.  This is a natural reaction many women have when they make eye contact with strangers and nothing to worry about.

Your focus should be on her body language after making eye contact.  If she turns/looks away & up, she isn’t interested.  If she glances away and to the side, she hasn’t yet made up her mind if she’s interested.  If she glances away & down, there’s a good chance she’s into you.  If she makes eye contact again within 60 seconds, proceed to the next step below.

4. Notice her

When she makes eye contact, you should smile and let her know that you notice her.  She will probably look away again.  That’s OK.

If she rolls her eyes or turns her entire body away, disengage!  It’s time to find a different target.

5. Make your approach

Ok, she’s still there and she hasn’t turned away.  Now there’s a high chance she won’t reject you, so make your move.

You should approach her making sure you are close enough for her to hear you but still keeping things friendly and respectable i.e. you shouldn’t invade her personal space.  When talking to her, be a gentleman and compliment her.

If you follow the above steps to the letter, your chances of being rejected by women will be very low.  Put the above information into practice today and you won’t have a problem approaching and dating even the hottest woman in any room.

10 Dating Mistakes Women Make That Turn Guys Off

Could you be secretly turning your guy off and not even know it?
Could you be secretly turning your guy off and not even know it?

There are many women who feel like they are a dating disaster. These women are not able to keep a guy interested for a long time. If you are one of those, you need to understand some mistake women often make. Some of these have been discussed below.

You Keep Chasing Them

Contrary to what contemporary dating gurus tell you, it’s important to make sure the man is the initiator.  When you keep bothering a guy by calling, texting or emailing him, you lessens his basic desire to want you. You should let men do the difficult work, just sit back, and relax.

You Try To Be A Guy

Although it’s great to hang out with guys, you shouldn’t try to be one. A lot of women feel free to abuse or cuss around guys. This can be a major turn off. It’s important to behave like a woman in front of guys.

Never Accept No Strings Attached or Casual Relationships

It’s important to understand that sex can never make a guy fall in love with you because that’s not how men work.  If he wants a casual relationship, it’s better to look for someone else.  Moreover, you should never act too casually about such things.

Don’t Share Everything Too Soon

A lot of women make this common mistake to turn off guys.  They share everything too soon. When you’ve just started dating, a guy does not want to know about your ex boyfriends or family problems.  Thus, you should save them for later.

Stop Treating Dates Like Business Appointments

Dating is meant to be fun. It’s important to understand that a guy wants to be casual when he’s dating.  Therefore, you should stop being formal on dates. You should not bother the guy with a series of serious questions.

Stop Being Possessive and Jealous

When a woman feels possessive and jealous, it can be a major turn off for a guy.  It’s important to give a guy his space. You should not suffocate him with constant questions and a clingy attitude.

You’re Always Available

Besides giving him some space, you should also maintains some distance. You should not let a guy feel like you’re always available. He might start taking you for granted. Moreover, the thrill of never knowing when you’re going to pick up the call might turn him on, and want you even more.

Don’t Attempt to Change Him

Guys never like girls who try to change them according to their preferences and desires. It’s important to understand that every person has his own personality. You should not try to make any chances, and accept him.

Don’t Be Selfish

Some women act selfishly around guys. They seek their help with work, but never seem to offer any help when the guy’s in need. Such attitude can be a major turn off. If you’re expecting something from the guy, you should be willing to offer the same.

Don’t Appear Superficial or Shallow

Guys never like girls who seem superficial and shallow. If you’re about boob jobs or expensive jewellery, stop discussing these things with your guy. It’s much better to save such talk for your girlfriends.

How To Avoid The Friend Zone With A Woman You Just Met

A lot of guys complain about being friend zoned by women they would like to get intimate with. If you happen to be one of those guys, look no further. Below are 3 effective tips to help you avoid the friend zone with women you would like to date.  If you’re looking to turn one special girl into your girlfriend, be sure to check out

1. Make your intentions known from the start: This is one of the important tips to consider if you want to avoid being friend zoned immediately by women you just met. You need to make your intentions clear from the start when you meet a woman you like otherwise your progress will be entirely on her terms.  Since women rarely pursue men, if you pose as a friend, she will most likely leave it at that. It is therefore important to let her know exactly what you want from the start. You can do this effectively by flirting and teasing.

seductress2. Turn yourself into the man women are sexually attracted to: Women friend zone men they meet instantly because of a number of reasons the most notable being lack of instant sexual attraction. If you get friend zoned often, then you aren’t attractive in the eyes of many women. It is therefore time for a transformation. You can start by hitting the gym and getting that attractive body. You should also dress well and smell good. Move to a better house, get a better car, be outgoing etc. Women love men who have got everything going for them in life. Transform yourself into such a man and you won’t have problems creating instant sexual attraction with women you want to date.

3. Ooze confidence: Financial and physical progress will get you further with women if you combine it with confidence. In fact, you’re finances and looks don’t really matter if you lack confidence. Some women find shy guys cute. This has nothing to do with sexual attraction. It simply means she sees you as a small brother or a ”harmless” man. She may therefore want your company but not in an intimate way.  To avoid this, you must ooze confidence from the way you approach her and talk to her to the way you sit and act around people. Everything including your voice and body language must convey the same message of confidence otherwise she will not find you attractive enough to date on your first encounter.

In summary, the above tips are some of the most important to consider when looking at how to avoid the friend zone with a woman you just met. It is however important to note that there may be other tips that can offer you a better outcome. It is therefore advisable to use this article as a basis for further research.